Is My TV Worth Repairing?

This is the million dollar question, and one we are asked often by many customers.

Servicers at are a network of professional service centers that share repair information on a daily basis.

This information is stored in archives for servicers to research in the event they have a unique failure. This growing database makes it possible for us to keep repair costs down and repair many units for much less than a replacement unit. There are many service centers that opt to replace a board rather than spending time on troubleshooting the issue to the defective component.

With Bills T.V. Repair you are getting a service center that go the extra mile. In cases where repair of a board is not possible, we have partners that sell boards at reduced prices. Many of these are pulled out of sets that were brand new, but were damaged during shipment to retailers.

Others are reconditioned to manufacturer specs. In many cases the servicer would ask the customer if a rebuilt board (or GREEN board) is an option for the customer.

Finally, by supporting local service centers you are helping your community by keeping your hard earned money in the US.

With today's economy, it's more important than ever to support local businesses. You assist in keeping these GREEN parts out of landfills. By repairing your unit, there will be one less TV in our landfills.